The Movement Goes on

As I've written in a previous post, I'm moving to a new platform, one that is easier to maintain yet still powerful enough to accommodate all I want to do with this site. For the most part I've got it all set up and designed, but now comes the tedious part of moving content over. From a data perspective, moving the actual content over is pretty easy, however, there are a lot of style and image issues that are cropping up such as picture captions being messed up, sidebar issues, and some general loose ends.

Hopefully, I'll have the new site in order in the next two to three weeks, with old content moved over — or at least most of it. In addition, I'll have a couple new features ready to go as well, along with the new Index, which will be a concise digest of all second-placers, second-doers, second superlatives, and those who lost. This index will be a sort of quick-reference resource for the apparent few hundred of us in the world who are curious about such things.

Apologies for the lack of new material, however, when this move is finished it will allow for quicker updating of content, better overall back-end maintenance, and a generally more pleasant experience for all.

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