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The Movement Goes on


As I've written in a previous post, I'm moving to a new platform, one that is easier to maintain yet still powerful enough to accommodate all I want to do with this site. For the most part I've got it all set up and designed, but now comes the tedious part of moving content over. From a data perspective, moving the actual content over is pretty easy, however, there are a lot of style and image issues that are cropping up such as picture captions being messed up, sidebar issues, and some general loose ends.

State of the Site


For the past few months, I've been doing less in terms of writing pieces for and more stuff on the administrative back end of the site. That is, the boring codey stuff that makes this site operate. Not to get too technical but I'm in the midst of a platform change — well, I can't really say "midst" since I don't have a concrete end date for when this is supposed to happen, so I guess it would be more true to say that I'm about waste deep in a platform change that I realized I should have made about a year ago. More on that later.

Elcano, Drake, or Urdaneta?


You'd think that if finding out the first person to do something was relatively easy, then finding the second person to do something would be just as easy, right? SilverMedals finds that this is not the case in many cases, and annoyingly so. For instance who was the second person to circumnavigate the globe? Most of us American kids learned in school that the first person to lead a round-the-world expedition, or circumnavigation, was the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, or rather Fernão de Magalhães1 as it should be written in the proper Portuguese.

Thoughts on the Loser


The main idea behind isn't only to highlight the people who finished in second place, sequels, or second superlatives of things (second biggest, second smallest, etc.) but also to present those who lost in a notable contest, battle, or conflict of whatever sort. The loser here is not the loser in the negative sense, but more in the straight up definition as the side that lost the event.