New Home and New Stuff!

Hello friends of!

What I thought would take a month ended up taking most of the summer, but it finally happened — is on a new platform, one that should make writing, maintaining, and adding more features to the site far easier, thus allowing me to deliver more and more deceptively useful facts to you.

I won’t go into all the design and back-end crap that went on, but there was quite a bit. The change that visitors may notice right away is the tweaked design that frees up space, breaks down to mobile devices better, and generally looks cleaner. It will also allow me to highlight certain articles better, especially new ones. I’ve also put in place a little updating feed that shows some current “second best” information, mostly New York Times Best-Sellers, top-of-the-charts music listings, and in the near future various other items that will be added to the current list. That self-updating list, to be honest, is more of a gimmick really (I guess for that matter, this whole site’s a gimmick), but the information is current none-the-less and may inspire you to investigate new things.

The new feature that I’m most pleased to present is the Referencepedia — a quick-reference/encyclopedia of second-place records, second-time feats, and historical events involving second-comers, second-voyages, and losers in wars. Think of it like a cross between the World Book Encyclopedia and Guinness Book of World Records but for second-bests. Admittedly, the Referencepedia is more of what I had in mind when first I began this project many moons ago, but after the site launched I allowed my mental meanderings to move in other directions as I tried to find a voice for

At the moment the Referencepedia is pretty small (and kinda boring looking), but I will be adding to it as much as I can and as quickly as I can over time, while still putting together feature stories and short blog posts, and cross-connecting all of them to create a gigantic plexus of SilverMedals information.

Please enjoy the site and be sure to send any feedback no matter how hurtful your opinions may be. They will do little to dull my enthusiasm, but will go a long way toward making the site better for everyone.