Statue, World’s Second-Tallest

The world’s second-tallest statue is the Spring Temple Budda. It is located the Zhaocun township of Lushan County, Henan, China, just above the Foquan Temple. The area is known as the Fodushan Scenic Area, which is rich in history and natural beauty.

The statue depicts the figure of the Vairocana Buddha. Taking into account the pedestal, the building it sits atop, and the carved out hill it rests on, the total height of the monument rises to 682 ft (208 m). The effigy portion stands at 420 ft (about 128 m) from its base, a lotus pedestal that measures about 82 ft in height (25m). All of this sits atop what are effectively two further pedestals, which brings the monument to its full height.

The world’s tallest statue is the Statue of Unity. It presents the image of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, a major figure in the Indian independence movement, who served as the country’s first deputy prime minister. Including its base, the statue rises to about 787 ft (240 m). It is located in Gujarat, India.

For comparison, the Statue of Liberty in New York City rises to about 305 ft (93 m) from the bottom of its base to the top of its torch.