Second Monaco Grand Prix Auto Race, Winner and Second-Place Finisher

The Monaco Grand Prix, one of the more interesting races on the Formula 1 circuit, is held yearly in the tiny Principality of Monaco. The race itself takes place on the tight streets and highways of Monte Carlo (and administrative district within Monaco) over a course that includes some nasty hairpin turns, some very high speed straightaways, some elevation changes, and a tunnel. One of the most famous races in the world, it is also one of the most difficult.

The Monaco Grand Prix was first run in 1929. The second Monaco Grand Prix took place in 1930.

The winner of the second annual Monaco Grand Prix was French driver René Dreyfus — his car made by Bugatti. The previous year’s Monaco Grand Prix, the first, was the Dreyfus’ first ever professional race. He came in 5th in that contest.

Over the course of his distinguished 14-year 40-races racing career, Dreyfus won two and had nine appearances at the podium. In his later career, just before France was taken over by Germany in World War II, Dreyfus was racing in the United States. Being a French Jew, Dreyfus decided to stay in the U.S.. He decided to end his racing career and open a French restaurant in New York City. Then in 1942, Dreyfus enlisted in the U.S. Army and served as a translator during the Italian campaign. After the war, Dreyfus returned to New York and opened a new restaurant, which came to be a hangout for racing enthusiasts and athletes.

Second Place

Louis Chiron of Monaco finished second behind Dreyfus in the 1930 Monaco Grand Prix.

As for the first Monaco Grand Prix, which was run in 1929, the second-place finisher there was Georges Bouriano of Romania, who finished behind UK driver William Grover-Williams.