To-do List

Below are a series of additions I hope to add to the site as time goes on. This list will change as I implement these and future features. Please feel free to contact me if you have any other suggestions.


Short-term To-do List

  • Create better navigation pages and allow filtering to find articles.
  • Get all the sources in order and present them below each article.


Medium-term To-do List

  • Produce more sidebar material including random facts, suggested stories, and other tidbits.
  • Finish coding the webcrawler that does the "Number 2 Week in Review"
  • Allow users to comment directly on articles.
  • Finish the accompanying mobile app.
  • Present interviews with experts and other special guests.
  • Add a more robust search feature. The stock one here is rubbish.
  • Create a more permanent logo—the current one I did in, like, 15 minutes.
  • Put together more current "quick hit" pieces that are put together daily. (Must automate the process better)


Long-term To-do List

  • Produce short videos.
  • Create some fun little games.
  • Create a newsletter.