Moving along

Since launched in February, the site has been fortunate in attracting a growing base of curious readers from all over the world. Changes are always coming without any real schedule other than me wanting to get things in-place, and I wanted to created a better space to establish those. So this is the first entry for the "Second Thoughts" portion of this site, where I, we, whomever else I can get to write on this site will present further thoughts on the site and all things relevant to This may include updates, corrections, quick-hit bits, etc. 

As some of our returning guests may know, the articles can get a bit lengthy. I know that people reading on their phones sometimes want short bite-sized bits to pass the time, but it wouldn't be much of a site if I limited it to one-paragraph entries. So in this space, we're going to try to have the best of both worlds. I'll keep producing long-form articles on subjects relevant to, but I'll also try to do a few more quick hit bits with links that I'll post to more frequently here. In short, this will be a weblog to complement the site. For other future changes on the way, please have a look here.


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