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It was common during WWII for USAF (United States Air Force) ground crews to write out little messages on bombs meant to be dropped on the enemy. It was a sort of middle finger to the soldiers whom they blamed for there being a war in the first place. There are even stories of bomber crew members throwing trash out the plane as an extra bit of nastiness and rancor to go along with usual payload of high-explosive and incendiary ordinance.

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Since launched in February, the site has been fortunate in attracting a growing base of curious readers from all over the world. Changes are always coming without any real schedule other than me wanting to get things in-place, and I wanted to created a better space to establish those. So this is the first entry for the "Second Thoughts" portion of this site, where I, we, whomever else I can get to write on this site will present further thoughts on the site and all things relevant to This may include updates, corrections, quick-hit bits, etc.