Carl Ludwig "Luz" Long — Won the Silver Medal in Long Jump at the 1936 Berlin Olympics


German athlete Luz Long is quite possibly the ultimate Silver Medalist. He finished second to American Jesse Owens in the long jump at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, but more than that, he made sports history. After their competition, Long embraced Owens, a black American in front of an ecstatic crowd that included many high-ranking Nazi officials, at a time in Germany when such interaction between white and black people was frowned upon. But Long wasn't looking to make a political statement. The 23-year-old was the greatest long jumper Europe ever produced and all he wanted was to compete against Owens, who held the world record for the long jump (8.13m), and who was largely considered the greatest athlete in the world. But what may be the most remarkable thing that happened during their competition was that Long himself may have actually helped Owens to win gold! That's right, Long may have given Owens advice that allowed Owens beat him.