Complete 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Silver Medalists


Updated on 10/29/2018

The table below lists the silver medal winners for each event from the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. The bobsleigh events threw a few curveballs this year.

The 2-man bobsleigh competition resulted in a tie for gold between Canada and Germany, therefore there were only two gold medalists, one bronze medalist and no silver medalists, which for we enthusiasts at is a result just short of tragedy.

On the plus side, the 2018 Winter Olympics may have taken away from us, but it also giveth. The silver medal tally all evened out thanks to the results of the 4-man bobsleigh. Both the German and South Korean teams tied for silver, which resulted in there being two silver medalists. A result we not only support but one that we actively root for.

Without further ado and for your reading pleasure, please enjoy the table below of the valiant Silver Medalists of PyeongChang.




Silver Medalist

BiathlonWomen’s 7.5km SprintNORMarte Olsbu
Cross-Country SkiingLadies’ 7.5km + 7.5km SkiathlonNORMarit Bjoergen
Short Track Speed SkatingMen’s 1,500mNEDSjinkie Knegt
Ski JumpingMen’s Normal Hill IndividualNORJohann Andre Forfang
Speed SkatingLadies’ 3,000mNEDIreen Wust
BiathlonMen’s 10km SprintCZEMichal Krcmar
Cross-Country SkiingMen’s 15km + 15km SkiathlonNORMartin Johnsrud Sundby
Freestyle SkiingLadies’ MogulsCANJustine Dufour-Lapointe
LugeMen’s SinglesUSAChris Mazdzer
SnowboardMen’s SlopestyleCANMax Parrot
Speed SkatingMen’s 5,000mCANTed-Jan Bloemen
BiathlonMen’s 12.5km PursuitSWESebastian Samuelsson
BiathlonWomen’s 10km PursuitSVKAnastasiya Kuzmina
Figure SkatingTeam EventOAROlympic Athlete From Russia
Freestyle SkiingMen’s MogulsAUSMatt Graham
Ski JumpingLadies’ Normal Hill IndividualGERKatharina Althaus
SnowboardLadies’ SlopestyleCANLaurie Blouin
Speed SkatingLadies’ 1,500mJPNMiho Takagi
Alpine SkiingMen’s Alpine CombinedFRAAlexis Pinturault
Cross-Country SkiingLadies’ Sprint ClassicNORMaiken Caspersen Falla
Cross-Country SkiingMen’s Sprint ClassicITAFederico Pellegrino
CurlingMixed DoublesSUISwitzerland
LugeWomen’s SinglesGERDajana Eitberger
Short Track Speed SkatingLadies’ 500mNEDYara Van Kerkhof
SnowboardLadies’ HalfpipeCHNLiu Jiayu
Speed SkatingMen’s 1,500mNEDPatrick Roest
LugeDoublesAUTPenz Peter/Fischler Georg
Nordic CombinedIndividual Gundersen NH/10kmJPNAkito Watabe
SnowboardMen’s HalfpipeJPNAyumu Hirano
Speed SkatingLadies’ 1,000mJPNNao Kodaira
Alpine SkiingLadies’ Giant SlalomNORRagnhild Mowinckel
Alpine SkiingMen’s DownhillNORKjetil Jansrud
BiathlonMen’s 20km IndividualSLOJakov Fak
BiathlonWomen’s 15km IndividualSVKAnastasiya Kuzmina
Cross-Country SkiingLadies’ 10km FreeSWECharlotte Kalla
Figure SkatingPair SkatingCHNSui Wenjing / Han Cong
LugeTeam RelayCANCanada
SnowboardMen’s Snowboard CrossAUSJarryd Hughes
Speed SkatingMen’s 10,000mNEDJorrit Bergsma
Alpine SkiingLadies’ SlalomSUIWendy Holdener
Alpine SkiingMen’s Super-GSUIBeat Feuz
Cross-Country SkiingMen’s 15km FreeNORSimen Hegstad Krueger
Freestyle SkiingLadies’ AerialsCHNZhang Xin
SkeletonMenOARNikita Tregubov
SnowboardLadies’ Snowboard CrossFRAJulia Pereira De Sousa Mabileau
Speed SkatingLadies’ 5,000mCZEMartina Sablikova
Alpine SkiingLadies’ Super-GAUTAnna Veith
BiathlonWomen’s 12.5km Mass StartBLRDarya Domracheva
Cross-Country SkiingLadies’ 4 x 5km RelaySWESweden
Figure SkatingMen Single SkatingJPNShoma Uno
Freestyle SkiingLadies’ Ski SlopestyleSUIMathilde Gremaud
Short Track Speed SkatingLadies’ 1,500mCHNLi Jinyu
Short Track Speed SkatingMen’s 1,000mUSAJohn-Henry Krueger
SkeletonWomenGERJacqueline Loelling
Ski JumpingMen’s Large Hill IndividualGERAndreas Wellinger
Alpine SkiingMen’s Giant SlalomNORHenrik Kristoffersen
BiathlonMen’s 15km Mass StartGERSimon Schempp
Cross-Country SkiingMen’s 4 x 10km RelayOAROlympic Athlete From Russia
Freestyle SkiingMen’s AerialsCHNJia Zongyang
Freestyle SkiingMen’s Ski SlopestyleUSANick Goepper
Speed SkatingLadies’ 500mKORLee Sang-Hwa
Bobsleigh2-manN/ACanada and Germany tied for Gold, there were no silver medalists in this event.
Ski JumpingMen’s TeamGERGermany
Speed SkatingMen’s 500mKORCha Min Kyu
Biathlon2x6km Women + 2×7.5km Men Mixed RelayNORNorway
Figure SkatingIce DanceFRAPapadakis Gabriella / Cizeron Guillaume
Freestyle SkiingLadies’ Ski HalfpipeFRAMarie Martinod
Nordic CombinedIndividual Gundersen LH/10kmGERFabian Riessle
Short Track Speed SkatingLadies’ 3,000m RelayITAItaly
Alpine SkiingLadies’ DownhillNORRagnhild Mowinckel
BobsleighWomenUSAUnited States Of America
Cross-Country SkiingLadies’ Team Sprint FreeSWESweden
Cross-Country SkiingMen’s Team Sprint FreeOAROlympic Athlete From Russia
Freestyle SkiingMen’s Ski CrossSUIMarc Bischofberger
Speed SkatingLadies’ Team PursuitNEDNetherlands
Speed SkatingMen’s Team PursuitKORRepublic Of Korea
Alpine SkiingLadies’ Alpine CombinedUSAMikaela Shiffrin
Alpine SkiingMen’s SlalomSUIRamon Zenhaeusern
BiathlonWomen’s 4x6km RelaySWESweden
Freestyle SkiingMen’s Ski HalfpipeUSAAlex Ferreira
Ice HockeyWomenCANCanada
Nordic CombinedTeam Gundersen LH/4x5kmNORNorway
Short Track Speed SkatingLadies’ 1,000mCANKim Boutin
Short Track Speed SkatingMen’s 5,000m RelayCHNPeople’s Republic Of China
Short Track Speed SkatingMen’s 500mKORHwang Daeheon
SnowboardLadies’ Big AirUSAJamie Anderson
BiathlonMen’s 4×7.5km RelayNORNorway
Figure SkatingLadies Single SkatingOAREvgenia Medvedeva
Freestyle SkiingLadies’ Ski CrossCANBrittany Phelan
Speed SkatingMen’s 1,000mNORHavard Lorentzen
Alpine SkiingAlpine Team EventAUTAustria
Cross-Country SkiingMen’s 50km Mass Start ClassicOARAlexander Bolshunov
SnowboardLadies’ Parallel Giant SlalomGERSelina Joerg
SnowboardMen’s Big AirUSAKyle Mack
SnowboardMen’s Parallel Giant SlalomKORLee Sangho
Speed SkatingLadies’ Mass StartKORKim Bo-Reum
Speed SkatingMen’s Mass StartBELBart Swings
  KORRepublic Of Korea
Cross-Country SkiingLadies’ 30km Mass Start ClassicFINKrista Parmakoski
CurlingWomenKORRepublic Of Korea
Ice HockeyMenGERGermany