Ocean, World’s Second Biggest

The Atlantic Ocean is the world’s second biggest ocean in terms of area at 85.133 million sq km. It takes up an area of almost 7.5  times the area of the U.S.

Along with some other tributary waters, the Atlantic Ocean includes within its area Baffin Bay, the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea, the Caribbean Sea, Davis Strait, Denmark Strait, part of the Drake Passage, Hudson Bay, Hudson Strait, Gulf of Mexico, Labrador Sea, Mediterranean Sea, North Sea, almost all of the Scotia Sea.

The Pacific Ocean is the biggest.

Atlantic Ocean Facts

Area85.133 million sq km
Coastline111,866 km
Water Wolume310,410,900 cu km
% of Total World Ocean Volume23.3%
Lowest PointPuerto Rico Trench -8,605 m
Mean Depth-3,646 m