Pat Priest, Second Actress to Play Marilyn Munster on The Munsters

Pat Priest

Pat Priest took over the role of Marilyn Munster on the television show The Munsters, which ran from 1964 to 1966.

The comedy show was about a family whose members were based on horror novel monsters who were living a quiet suburban existence among “regular” people who viewed the Munster family as a strange bunch of freaks. It was a sort of “All-American” family sitcom meets late-night monster flicks.

The role of Marylin needed to be a sort of blonde Marylin Monroe type for the show to work. So the producers immediately cast Priest, who bore a very strong resemblance to Owen.

Priest took over the role beginning with episode 14, “Grandpa Leaves Home”, which aired on December 24, 1964. She continued playing the role for the next 57 episodes until the show was cancelled in 1966.

Priest was later replaced by Debbie Watson for the 1968 film based on the series Munster, Go Home!.